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The goal of this project is to build some new virtual architecture. It produces some questions: why somebody need new, for example. I've started this project on the last week of the previous millennium because I've not found any suitable VM for my goals at that moment. Then I summarize (after some investigations) the features I'd like to view in a new VM. I've found that some of those goals are achieved in some existing projects, but the project which achieves all of them doesn't exists.



The main idea is construct a virtual machine from pieces called "Arithmetic Modules". Each module is a virtual device with a set of input/output ports. Each module can perform any operation - from very simple to very complex. Then we construct more complex units by connecting these modules. Add some general operations like `move' and branches to it and you will get something like we have gotten.

Our new goal - add a mechanism of describing modules (by XML) and adding new ones to existing architecture.

See this picture ( general view on our codegenerator).





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